Cricket Batting Aid

Cricket Batting Coaching Aids

Cricket Batting Coaching Aid

Batting speed, Strength, And Mechanics

Cricket Precise Power Training Aids

Cricket Power Batting Trainer


  • See immediate results as patented Exoprecise resistance increase strength, batting speed, and mechanics; guiding you to a perfect power cricket shot.
  • Combining resistance, and acceleration creates the ultimate “muscle memory” batting tool; technically known as, “brain and muscle communication systems.” All you have to do is train!
  • Our cricket batting coaching aids accommodate all cricket shot types, methods, and body shapes.
  • Seamlessly integrate our cricket batting coaching aids with your current program.
  • Our cricket batting coaching aids prepare you to bat all bowling locations for power.
  • Resistance keeps you close to your core, staying connected for every cricket shot.
  • Set a higher resistance with both arms inside our cricket batting coaching aids, to improve your explosive core power (blasting), excellent for contact closer to your body. Preparing you for, “see-and-react cricket batting,” when facing dominant fast bowlers.
  • Hit with your back arm inside our cricket batting coaching aids to super-boost batting speed (whip) and powerful cricket shot extension.
  • Hit with your front arm inside our cricket batting aid to fix a long cricket swing.
  • Practice one-hand isolation drills, preparing you to bat massive sixes.
  • Reverse bad cricket shot habits, higher resistance (both arms inside) prevent “reaching,” and “lunging;” growing your confidence to wait, and “explode” on the cricket ball.
  • Versatility to use with any cricket batting drill.
  • Use our cricket batting coaching aids to bat against your team’s best bowlers, on the field, or in the cricket nets.
  • Our cricket batting aids do the coaching for you, taking care of the hardest parts of batting, for example, staying connected; allowing you to focus on coaching the simpler parts to batting.
  • Advanced high resistance cricket training, reduce the influence of your upper body; improving your core, and rotational cricket shot mechanics. The best way to develop core power, and rotational mechanics is to decrease the impact of your arms/shoulders; adapting to cricket shot with your core (The Adaptation Method). As opposed to other rotational batting coaching aids, focusing on restraining your hip area, reducing speed required for correct rotation; necessary to generate momentum, allowing you to spin on your back toe. Additionally, they encourage you to disconnect your arms from your body cricket shot, developing a long cricket shot.
  • Train the overall cricket powershot, improving strength, and mechanics; having no holes in your cricket shot, for opposition teams to exploit.
  • Maintains the correct Kinetic Chain sequence, AKA; “Big muscles go first, and the smaller ones follow.”
  • Overload without reducing batting speed, and the quality of your mechanics. Our cricket batting coaching aids keep players “fast and connected,” despite the extra weight, breathing life back in the “heavy cricket bat” training industry; receiving a terrible name, as you disconnect from your cricket shot, due to the extra weight pulling your arms away from your torso.
  • Training with your regular cricket bat improves feel and depth perception, as opposed to other cricket shot trainers; the bat is a different size, or the cricket balls are weighted, disrupting your hand, and eye coordination.
  • Wearable, comfortable, and lightweight: You can wear our cricket batting coaching aid for your entire training.
  • Convenient and easy to use, adjustable to fit all sizes, taking less than 20 seconds to wear. When you’re not using it, easily slide out your arms, wearing around your waist, for easy access. Making our cricket batting coaching aids, the “ultimate cricket oval fashion accessory.”

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