Batting Trainer - Cricket Precise-2020 Power Training Aid

Close your mind and open your eyes

Training to bat with open eyes and a closed mind, gives you an advantage over your competition, as your eyes are the trigger for your cricket swing.

As soon as you step up to the crease your should have a soft focus in the general area of the bowler. During this time close your mind and open your eyes.

You need to shut down your mind and use your eyes to enable your subconscious mind to take over.

This is necessary in order to track the cricket ball, as in real time the delivery occurs in a blink of the eye; conscious thoughts slow you down. Clearing your mind unlocks your subconscious, enabling you to gain “supervision” slowing everything down and helping you to see the cricket ball at the earliest possible moment.

Focus on the little window, close you mind, unlock your subconscious and allow your eyes take over your cricket swing

As the bowler arrives to the crease, your soft focus turns to hard focus

When you’re in the zone your eyes control your batting, consciously thinking about batting while the ball is being delivered is not good; hindering your subconscious, natural, reactive cricket swing.

You don’t want to focus on watching the bowlers body movements, it is important to spot the cricket ball as early as possible to help with your batting. When you’re locked in, focus on a small release point window, subconsciously you’ll read the delivery type, speed and movement.