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Laser Power Swing Trainer

“Dude…you are spot on. I’m not satisfied with 60%, I’m ready to get to work.”

Eric Thames, MLB Player, Milwaukee Brewers; to inventor Clinton Balgera

Sport Precise Method Exoprecise Technology Inventor Clinton Balgera

“I have identified your baseball swing trainer as the best product to get hitter’s to use the proper upper body mechanics. I believe your product fits perfectly with my philosophy that a hitter must perform thousands of correct repetitions to create a swing in the proper sequence. Making it convenient for a player to practice mechanically sound swings which I believe will encourage a hitter to take more correct practice swings.”

Howard Nakagama, former scout for the Chicago White Sox.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball

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University of Hawaii

“A stud outfielder wore it through all his stations. After practice, our starting third baseman said, coach can I try that swing trainer? How’s it work? I took him into the cage, explained up and in location, rotate to stay connected; and drive the top hand thru the ball. Within five swings he had it. Explained low and away, seated balance, and core to the ball; and top hand release thru contact. He was smashing it, with backspin; to opposite field gap, killing it!”

“I worked with two of our freshman players, and had one with the front elbow inside, and the other with the back elbow; to fix their problems. With a couple of swings with my guidance, they were on balls; with better positioning and contact. Both of them on a couple of swings gave that look of, oh I felt that!”

“We had another freshman use it for tee work, later we were on the field; hitting off a machine with no timing mechanism. The kid was barreling everything, with backspin to the pull side; and not getting hook spin, he gets a lot of; at times. It was impressive, our head coach just kept looking at me and raising his eyebrows. Mashing! The product is sweet, every guy on the team is ramming the ball.”

“For most of the players, I’ll just hand it to them and say figure it out, and use your core to free up your hands; and pound it. I’ve also told all our players they will be getting their own, they are pumped. Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

Rusty McNamara, Hitting Coach; University of Hawaii 2017

LASER Beam Liner

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Posted by Hit Lasers on Sunday, April 2, 2017
Best Batting Aid Laser Power Swing Trainer

“I have been following the development of your baseball swing trainer, as I personally feel it is one of the best products I have seen. My son is a good player but on the smaller side and has a real problem with casting his hands. He has been struggling with this the last few years as the other kids grew at a more rapid rate and he did not. He is starting to grow but not near as strong physically and he appears to be way too “handsy” as a result of not understanding how to use his core. I personally have been anticipating your product as I think it could help him a ton. As far as my show I will enjoy sharing your product, as I feel casting is the number 1 issue I see with all youth players.”

Jim, Youth Baseball Talk, Illinois; USA
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Best Batting Aid Laser Power Swing Trainer