Cricket Precise-2020 Power Training Aid


Our cricket power trainer coaches you to an all-around T20 power game. Exoprecise forces trains muscle memory, increasing batting and bowling speed, and strengthens precise power muscles; during your regular cricket training.

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  • Our cricket power trainer increases speed, strength, and mechanics; training in the nets, or on the pitch.
  • Exoprecise technology expands, and contracts with your cricket mechanics.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your cricket program, use for team training; suitable for all cricket training methods.
  • Use with any cricket drill and isolation training; remove either arm or adjust the resistance to fix common mistakes.
  • The famous Exoprecise product for baseball, Laser Power Swing Trainer, customers include MLB® players and NCAA® programs.
  • Adjustable to fit youth, and professional cricketers; suitable for ages 8 years, and above.
  • Safe, flexible, super-strong, and durable.
  • Comfortable, silky smooth, machine washable; latex-free product.
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