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Cricket Power Training Equipment

Our cricket training equipment strengthens power muscles, improving batting and bowling speed, developing muscle memory for perfect mechanics.

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Cricket Power Batting Trainer

Cricket Training Overview

Power Training Equipment

  • Our cricket training equipment increases speed, strength, and mechanics; training in the nets, or on the pitch.
  • Exoprecise technology expands, and contracts with your cricket mechanics.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your cricket program, use for team training; suitable for all cricket training methods.
  • Use with any cricket drill and isolation training; remove either arm or adjust the resistance to fix common mistakes.
  • The famous Exoprecise product for baseball, Laser Power Swing Trainer, customers include MLB® players and NCAA® programs.
  • Adjustable to fit youth, and professional cricketers; suitable for ages 8 years, and above.
  • Safe, flexible, super-strong, and durable.
  • Comfortable, silky smooth, machine washable; latex-free product.
Cricket Power Bowling Training Aids

Our Method and Innovation



We are the founders of the revolutionary Sport Precise methodology, identifying the distance of the elbows from your torso as the critical element for upper body power and precision.

“Sport Precise, is a groundbreaking methodology using a nonrestrictive device to improve speed, mechanics, and strengthen precise muscles for your sport; training as usual. Rising, with the release of our globally patented Exoprecise​ technology, smooth, lightweight, giving precise resistance, with a full range of motion. Therefore, Sport Precise, organically claims the throne as the new king of training.”

Clinton Balgera

Inventor, Exoprecise technology
Founder, Sport Precise

Source, WIPO patent description, 2017

Cricket Batting Trainer Power Mechanics



1. Exoprecise forces builds strength in cricket muscles.
2. Releasing from Exoprecise forces triggers batting and bowling speed.
3. Exoprecise forces improves cricket batting, and bowling mechanics.
4. Exoprecise forces guides you to a powerful, and accurate cricket swing, and bowling delivery.

Cricket Batting Training Aids

Image: Both arms inside our cricket power batting trainer. Resistance improves strength, frontside, and backside cricket swing mechanics; releasing from resistance triggers bat speed.

Cricket Power Swing Trainer

Image: During swing separation (tracking the cricket ball, your body moves forward, and hands stay back), resistance strengthens your shoulders (posterior deltoid), and explosive core power hitting muscles (laterals, and intercostals); and prevents casting with your front arm. Additionally, the image shows the moment, Exoprecise forces transfers to acceleration; our cricket power training equipment gives you supersonic bat speed!

Cricket Batting Aid Power Bat Speed

Image: Exoprecise forces connects your back arm to your power core, fixing a long cricket swing, by “staying connected.”

Cricket Batting Trainer Power

Image: As you stay through your cricket shot, resistance builds strength in your shoulders (acceleration/deceleration), and core (lateral, intercostal). The globally patented Exoprecise technology powering our cricket training equipment gives you the perfect amount of resistance, improving strength, mechanics, and triggering speed; training as usual. The only cricket product of its kind.

Cricket Batting Power Trainer

Image: Powerful follow through, our power cricket training equipment works from the start of your shot to the end. Bat your way, training in the cricket nets and using your batting style and method.

Cricket Batting Power Trainer


The famous Exoprecise product for baseball, Laser Power Swing Trainer, customers include MLB® players and NCAA® programs.

Mashing! Barreling everything, with backspin pull-side; not getting his usual hook-spin…gave that look of, oh I felt that…it was impressive, our head coach kept looking at me and, raising his eyebrows. The hitting trainer is sweet, every guy on the team is ramming the ball.

Rusty McNamara, Hitting Coach; University of Hawaii.


At the end of your cricket training you’ll notice your bat feels light, increases in bat speed, exit velocity, and improvements with mechanics; batting powerful laser sixes! Additionally, you have the option for extra swings; without getting tired. For example, currently, you take 20 average swings in the cricket nets, with our power cricket training equipment it’s 30 quality swings; an improvement of 40% in training productivity.

Cricket Batting Power Trainer
The world’s first “Sport Precise” cricket training equipment, improving strength, speed, and mechanics; batting and bowling as usual.